Lowongan Kerja Pertambangan PT. Supraco Indonesia November 2013

Soal-Soal Test BUMN

Lowongan Kerja Pertambangan PT Supraco Indonesia November 2013. Saat ini PT Supraco Indonesia membuka cukup banyak peluang kerja bagi anda yang ingin mengembangkan karir di sektor industri minyak dan gas. PT Supraco Indonesia yang berpusat di Jakarta telah menyediakan jasa bagi industri minyak, gas, dan geothermal di Indonesia selama lebih dari 33 tahun. Berikut posisi yang tersedia dengan kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan.

PT. Supraco Indonesia

1. Civil Inspector – Field Facilities (CP-A283)
• Minimum fifteen (15) years experience in inspection of Civil QA/QC activities out of which at least 5 years in client position .
• Possess leadership qualities with a good analytical mind to manage the team of contractor QC personnel
• A self starter with proactive approach in foreseeing problems and setting in motion the corrective actions
• S1 graduate or equivalent with a good communication capability in Bahasa Indonesia and English
• Knowledge on International standards like ASCI, AWWA etc., and the material testing methods
• Experienced in witnessing the tests at the laboratories
• Possess experience to conduct regular spot checks / spot audits on the on going civil activities at site and implement corrective actions as required
• Experienced in witnessing the fabrication and installation of civil steel structures
• Experienced in inspection of civil road construction works, culverts, fly over / over pass
• Experienced in civil building inspection works, inclusive of associated architectural / interior decoration works
Placement : Cepu Site

2. Welding Inspector (CP-A284)
• Assist reviewing WPS, WQT records and welding inspection related QC documents
• Witness and oversee daily activities and related inspection activities in piping, structural, mechanical, and E&I disciplines. This includes visual and NDT checks like RT, MT, PT and UT.
• Witness / monitor NDT activities, and interpret / review NDT reports on RT, MT, PT and UT
• Monitor and inspect exotic material welding works (DSS, SDSS and CRA) inclusive of PMI and ferrite checks
• Monitor in-process welding parameters like fit up, purging and purging level (O2 checking), heat input and maintenance of inter-pass temperature, passivation activities, flushing, etc.
• Monitor welder performance continuously, set in motion the corrective actions when the quality levels / trend is not in acceptable levels
• Monitor welding consumable handling on site, and conduct daily spot checks in the field to ensure proper handling of welding consumables. Review original welding consumable material certificates for compliance to codes and specifications where required.
• Monitor / surveillance of material traceability in weldments
• Witness / monitor weld repair activities and welding distortion correction activities
• Ensure testing, measuring, welding, and NDE equipment is fully calibrated and has current certification
• Verify fabrication fit-up, alignment, and dimensional tolerances
• Participate in line walk before hydro test, preparation of punch lists and follow up of the same for close out
• Witness piping hydrotest and flushing works, witness reinstatement checks for final acceptance
• Witness Nitrogen (N2) leak tests on piping systems
• Witness furnace PWHT and Local PWHT of piping works
• Verify Contractor, Subcontractor Quality management systems, plans, procedures, and processes are in place. Implement Project Construction Surveillance Program
• Have minimum of 15 years in welding inspection activities working to international standards like ANSI B31.3 / API 650 / ASME Sec IX / Norsok / NACE RP 0175. Possess Minimum CSWIP 3.1 or AWS CWI welding inspector qualifications.
• Possess ASNT NDT L-II in RT / MT / PT / UT and able to review radiographs to various international standards.
• Possess a proactive approach plus willingness to closely monitor and educate the exotic alloy welders
• Experience in welding and inspection of exotic alloys like Duplex SS / Super Duplex SS / Inconel 825 is mandatory and highly preferred
• Knowledge on purging and maintenance of heat input / interpass temperature required. Familiar with PMI (P-met) / Ferrite checking and review of these reports for compliance.
• Experience in working on oil and gas projects involving sour oil service is preferred
• Able to read and understand P&IDs, isometrics and GA drawings, both engineering and shop drawings
• Able to review PWHT charts and conduct in process spot checking
• Able to review hydrotest packs, witness hydrotests and reinstatement works for system acceptance
• Experienced in Nitrogen leak tests preferred
• Thorough understanding of applicable industry specifications
• Native tongue in Bahasa Indonesia with proficiency in spoken and written English language skills for official works preferred. Familiar with Microsoft Office suite of software programs, Lotus Notes, etc.
Well versed in safe work practices including co-ordination with contractors on ensuring radiation safety
Placement : Cepu Site

3. E&I Construction Tech Foreman – Field Facilities (CP-A285)
• monitor construction and fabrication of E&I activities conducted at Contractors / Sub-Contractors facilities and in the field
• Participate in receiving inspection of E&I items at site and monitor the preservation program for the same until hand over
• Promote safety awareness and safe performance among project team members, including consultants and contractor personnel
• Support Construction Site Manager in monitoring and appraising the contractor’s performance for safety, quality, cost, and schedule; ensure that appropriate corrective actions are taken when needed
• Verify physical progress
• Monitor mechanical acceptance and start-up activities between operating unit and contractor
• Assist PMT in meeting OIMS expectations as required, especially OIMS Element 2 (Risk Assessment), OIMS Element 3 (Facility Design & Construction), OIMS Element 9 (Incident Investigation) and OIMS Element 10 (Community Awareness)
• Review or assist in reviewing E&I QC documents such as QA plans and pre-commissioning procedures
• Jointly develop E&I inspection check lists or review the check lists generated by the Contractor for compliance to project requirements
• Ensure quality processes are followed for instrument calibration at contractor facilities and / or in the field for permanent project materials and temporary test instruments / equipments used in E&I construction works
• Co-ordinate with Contractor and Quality on cable tray routing and installation inspection
• Monitor construction of electrical and instrumentation facilities and ensure they are completed as per approved engineering documentation and project specifications.
• Witness installation of E&I control panels (both local and inside the control rooms)
• Monitor and witness continuity and meggering inspection works for cables
• Monitor cable laying works in trenches, through ducts and on cable trays
• Monitor loop checks and review records for the same in accordance with technical requirements
• Monitor construction and installation and testing of instrument tubing works
• Review Contractor’s field inspection and test reports and ensure that inspections are carried out as per approved ITP requirements
• Assist and co-ordinate with other disciplines on electrical motors installation and alignments
• Interface, participate or co-ordinate in E&I pre-commissioning activities as required
• Preparation of punch lists
• Verify Contractor / Subcontractor Quality management systems, plans, procedures, and processes are in place. Implement project Construction Surveillance Program.
• Minimum ten (10) year’s experience in inspection of E&I works on major onshore construction projects out of which at least 3 years experience senior E&I construction position
• Experienced in witnessing SAT (Site Acceptance Tests) and FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) of Electrical & Instrument control systems
• Exposure to DCS instrumentation works and commissioning of the same
• Thorough knowledge on International standards on E&I like IEC etc.
• Knowledge on applicable Indonesian MIGAS regulations for E&I works is preferred
• Well versed in safe work practices
• Computer literate with experience in using MS Office suite for preparing reports and maintaining data base
Placement : Cepu Site

• Verify required coating inspection methods are performed on pipeline, including DFT, holiday testing, etc.
• Monitor mixing and application of coating by contractor.
• Maintain daily log of activities.
• Oversee application of field joint coating.
• Extensive training and experience in coatings & coatings inspection, application methods & testing.
• Previous training as a NACE coatings inspector is helpful.
• Knowledge of surface preparation methods & other requirements for obtaining desired performance from coatings.
• Seven (7) years experience in coatings & coatings inspection.
• Overseas pipeline experience is helpful.
• Competent in PC skills relative to Microsoft Word, Excel, and e-mail system
Placement : Cepu Site

5. Procurement and Local Content Coordinator (CP-A287)
• Follow, analyze and distribute as necessary the Domestic Content Surveyor reports
• Field Experience for Project Reporting to Management with Written and Presentation
• Assist Project Teams as an expert in APDN and Domestic content calculation
• Provide guidance in how to improve Domestic Content realization
• Support project teams in case of Contractors / subcontractors / vendors claims relating to Domestic Content
• Interface with BPMIGAS as needed by the Project. Be the main contact of BPMIGAS TKDN division
• College Degree
• Fluent in English Read/Write/Speak and highly Communicative
• Experience working in Procurement and as Domestic Content Coordinator more than 8 years
• Strong knowledge of PTK 007 and TKDN requirements
Placement : Jakarta / Cepu Site Base

6. Lab Inspector Soil Mechanics- Geotechnical (CP-A288)
• Site supervision of fieldworks relating to soil mechanic and geotechnical as the result of earth works contracts ensuring compliance with specification and common practice.
• Inspect the stock pile and sampling material whether from borrow site or working area.
• Evaluating the result of lab test of sampling material and to be recommended countermeasures for low strength soils in conctact with structural foundations:
- Proctor or CBR test
- Permiability test,
- Atterberg test,
- Grain size distribution analysis
- etc
• Verify proper dam foundation slope stabilization and structures, including soil blending-mix of native and borrow materials.
• Supervision of earthworks placement and field testing.
• Verification dam contruction procedures are followed
• Working Knowledge of:
o Soil Mechanics field tesing methods, including determining Vane Shear Strengths in cohesive soils using ASTM D 2573 method and Cone Penetration Test per ASTM D3441.
o Testing of swelling and dispersive soils (E.g. Emerson class number, double hydrometer or Pinhold).
• Degree in Strata 1 for Civil/Geotechnical/Geological Engineering 7 years, or Strata 2 Master of Science degree 5 years of relevant experience (earth and embankment work preferred).
• Well versed in safe work practices.
• Computer literate with experience in using MS Office suite for preparing reports and maintaining data base
• Good oral and written English language skills
Placement : Cepu Site

Please send your application to recruitment@supraco.com with detailed resume and recent photograph and put job title name and code on subject email.
Posting date: October 28, 2013
Expiry date: November 11, 2013

Semoga  anda mendapatkan posisi yang anda dambakan dalam artikel Lowongan Kerja Pertambangan PT Supraco Indonesia November 2013. Bila posisi di atas belum ada yang sesuai untuk anda, silakan mencari keterangan lebih lanjut di Lowongan Kerja BUMNTerbaru PT. PGN LNG Indonesia – Marine Terminal Superintendent pada situs Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 2014 ini.
Soal-Soal Test BUMN
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